Global-Telehealth Medicine

Technology has the power to transform healthcare, improve care quality, expand care access and create more engaged patients. At Nicklaus Children’s, we embrace and lead the way in developing and employing state-of-the-art technology. Telehealth is extending healthcare beyond the Nicklaus Children’s walls. At Nicklaus Children’s’s high-tech Telehealth Center, sophisticated videoconferencing and state-of-the-art tools give physicians around the globe the ability to consult in real time with Nicklaus Children’s specialist for assistance with treatments, procedures and diagnoses.

Telehealth Carts and robots allow consultations with Nicklaus Children’s experts from any location. And yes, there is an app for that!  Nicklaus Children’s-developed applications transform mobile devices into more than communications tools. They bring the Nicklaus Children’s specialists to families – wherever they are – with apps for taking heart rate, EKG, EEG, blood pressure, ultrasound, glucose readings and many more health functions. Through Telehealth, Nicklaus Children’s can be anywhere. We have just one goal – that of providing access to our world-renowned Nicklaus Children’s subspecialists so that children around the globe can enjoy the promise of better health.