Foundation staff


Leadership Team


Michelle Boggs
President and SVP of External Affairs
786.264.1847 Office
561.889.2210 Cell

Assistant: Ady Arrieta
786.624.2861 Office

Alyssa Zamora
Director of Foundation Marketing and External Affairs
786.268.1845 Office
786.503.3809 Cell

Jamie Schempp
Executive Director of Corporate Giving
786.624.1829 Office
305.865.0990 Cell

Assistant: Irene Richards
786.624.2954 Office
305.345.5023 Cell

Jessica Bormey
Director of Foundation Finance
786.628.1825 Office
786.631.1406 Cell

Sara Jolly
Executive Director of Major Gifts
786.624.2923 Office
786.631.2018 Cell




Aleydis Rodriguez
Development Associate of Community Outreach
786.624.2814 Office
305.335.4974 Cell 

Irene Richards
Planned Giving Coordinator
786.624.2954 Office
305.345.5023 Cell 

Nicole Nieves
Director of Annual Giving
786.268.1827 Office
305.794.5864 Cell

Sophia Rabbat
Development Associate for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals
786.268.1830 Office
305.498.7420 Cell




Carmen Hidalgo 
Special Events Specialist
786.624.2895 Office
305.342.2320 Cell

Fuad Kiuhan
External Affairs Coordinator
786.268.1823 Office
305.449.4797 Cell

Kiara Weiser
Marketing Traffic Coordinator
786.624.2832 Office
305.310.9854 Cell

Marilen Marnett
Director of Special Events
786.624.2986 Office
305.213.6952 Cell

Sarah Katzenstein
Special Events Coordinator
786.624.2934 Office
786.498.5038 Cell 




Helen Villanueva
Administrative Coordinator
786.624.2857 Office

Maryann Flores
Fiscal Specialist
786.268.1837 Office




Annia Martinez
Diamond Society Specialist
786.624.2841 Office
305.898.2376 Cell

Ed Jachim
Director of Major Giving
786.624.2898 Office
305.298.6317 Cell

JC Hervis
Director of Major Giving
786.624.2844 Office
786.502.0385 Cell

Monica Sanchez
Director of Major Giving
786.624.2957 Office
786.502.1085 Cell

Shari R. Debowsky
Director of Major Giving
786.624.2051 Office
305.794.7358 Cell




Cheryl Lawko
Senior Director of Planned Gifts
786.624.2836 Office
786.279.3673 Cell

Joseph H. Deary 
Senior Director of Planned Gifts
786.624.2870 Office
305.794.7259 Cell

Maria Ingelmo
Donor Engagement Specialist
786.624.2871 Office
305.206.1049 Cell

Morgan Waisner
Director of Philanthropic Engagement
786.624.2823 Office
305.342.1407 Cell

Timothy Benitez
Prospect Research Specialist
786.624.2856 Office

Yvette Murray
Director of Foundation & Grant Giving
786.624.2896 Office
786.898.3667 Cell




Marie Stark 
Data Analyst
786.624.2847 Office

Janin Cruz
Senior Gift Processor
786.624.2860 Office 

Roxana Karoba
Senior Gift Processor
786.624.2916 Office