Nicklaus Children’s fully intends to drive discovery, advance the boundaries of medical knowledge and enhance the way we deliver care to bring hope for better outcomes, better health and for a better quality of life for children. Through groundbreaking research, we are optimizing the health and wellness of our children, enabling them to be the best they can be. Additional investments will move forward our leadership role in developing genetically specific drug therapies for targeted treatments, bring innovative research more quickly to the bedside and provide greater resources to fund expanded clinical trials and forward-thinking solutions in the treatment and cure of disease. 

Our vision of a future Molecular Center will provide a highly individualized wellness strategies based on the child’s unique genetic sequence, eliminating the “one size fits all” model of treating illness. The vast majority of literature and research on molecular medicine existing today focuses primarily on the Caucasian demographics. Taking advantage of Nicklaus Children’s unique position at the Gateway to the Americas and our sizeable Latin patient population, The Latin Genome Project will be the initial phase of this initiative to establish a gene bank comprised of Latin children population data. This project will make important contributions to clinical research and advance the capacity to harness the power of genes for healing for all children.