Thursday, May 08, 2014

This month, MCH Foundation features young athlete Andrew Lorenzen’s story, after a free EKG screening at Miami Children’s Hospital possibly saved his life. Miami Children’s Health Foundation (MCH Foundation) is celebrating healthy, happy kids at Miami Children’s Hospital by recognizing a superstar patient each month through their “Patient of the Month” initiative. 

This month, MCH Foundation has chosen Andrew Lorenzen as its patient of the month after discovering he suffered from a rare heart condition, which prompted him to have immediate surgery. “We are here to ensure the health and happiness of children everywhere,” said Lucy Morillo, president and CEO, Miami Children’s Health Foundation. “Our mission is to help fund life-saving programs like the free pediatric EKG screening with the support of the community, so that children like Andrew can take a preventative step that could be life changing. We want to celebrate success stories like this one with the rest of the world.” 

A leading cause of death among young athletes is sudden cardiac death (SCD). It’s estimated that a student athlete dies of SCD every three days in the U.S. Usually there are no advance signs or symptoms. Andrew was one of those young athletes who never had any health issues.  

He had always been a healthy and active boy who enjoyed participating in all types of sports. Andrew’s mom brought him to Miami Children's Hospital to get a free EKG screening, never suspecting that something would be wrong. 

After the screening, Andrew’s mom received a call from the hospital telling her to bring Andrew in immediately because they found he suffered from a rare condition called Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome, a disorder of the electrical passages of the heart that affects between 0.1 and 0.3 percent of the general population. This disorder causes people to have a very rapid heart rate at times, and in some cases could even lead to SCD. After a very successful surgery to correct the problem, Andrew is now back to playing sports and enjoying life to its fullest, thanks to Miami Children's Hospital. 

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