Monday, February 24, 2014
Miami Children’s Health Foundation honored the Anthony R. Abraham Foundation with a Hospital Mural Unveiling

The Orthopedics Waiting Room was decorated with a colorful mural to recognize a $500,000 donation made in honor of Anthony R. & Genevieve Abraham and Family.

Miami Children’s Health Foundation recently celebrated the support of The Anthony R. Abraham Foundation with a mural unveiling held at the Miami Children’s Hospital Orthopedics Department on Monday, February 24, 2014. The mural was created in recognition of a $500,000 donation made in honor of Anthony R. and Genevieve Abraham and Family as part of Together for the Children, the Campaign for Miami Children’s Hospital.

“Anthony Abraham is an icon in the philanthropic world, and it is truly remarkable, and inspiring to see his family follow in his footsteps. He left an incredible legacy of giving, which I personally believe to be one of the best gifts that could be passed down to younger generations,” said Lucy Morillo, Esq., President and CEO of Miami Children’s Health Foundation. “It comes as no surprise that both foundations have maintained a strong relationship over the years, since Ambassador David M. Walters and Anthony Abraham, were good friends. I think both men would be proud to see how far their two legacies have come. And this is just one of the reasons why this generous gift means so much to us.”

“We are very grateful to Miami Children’s Health Foundation for recognizing our father’s contribution in the community. Children’s healthcare was extremely important to him and the work that is being done at Miami Children’s Hospital is truly remarkable,” said Tommy Abraham, President of the Anthony R. Abraham Foundation.

In recognition for this donation, Venezuelan artist Carlos Augusto Pereira created an uplifting mural that exemplifies Mr. Abraham’s legacy, not only within the children’s healthcare area, but also in the automobile industry. Visitors of all ages can enjoy the colors, shapes, light and beauty that the mural conveys, featuring a series of automobiles that speak to Mr. Abraham’s passion for cars.

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