Alberto's Story 

When Alberto Hernandez was 4, he had a simple bump on his leg that could have been mistaken for a bruise. His family later learned that he was facing Ewing’s Sarcoma, a type of bone cancer. This came as a shock to the Hernandez family, who had no previouse history of cancer and Alberto was much younger than most patients typically diagnosed with this disease 

After multiple rounds of chemotherapy and surgery, and several birthdays and Christmas holidays in the hospital, Alberto was cancer-free. But nearly four years later, the young boy who loves video games, reading and playing, relapsed. 

Alberto and his family once again faced the obstacle with optimism, hope and a strong belief that a combination of the expert care Alberto received at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, support from family and friends, and prayers will get them through this battle. He even wore a prayer box necklace around his neck that his mother got him at the hospital gift store. “It’s where I keep my prayers,” he said confidently. 

Along with some of his fellow patients, Alberto inspired multiple Miami Marlins players, executives and fans to raise funds and shave their heads in support of the Bald, Brave, Beautiful® project at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. 

Alberto served as the “MCH5K Hero” at the 2nd Annual Miami Children’s Hospital 5K Run/Walk , and inspired many patients, hospital staff and runners alike to fight for a larger cause.

Alberto aspires to one day become a Nicklaus Children’s Hospital volunteer because he is able to relate to other patients and wants to “make them feel better.”

Alberto = Bald, Brave, Beautiful® 

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