Nicklaus Children’s Leadership Cabinet is a network of likeminded leaders and executives who are committed to supporting Nicklaus Children’s Hospital and Foundation and its vision of happy, healthy children.



Members of the Leadership Cabinet engage in advocacy on behalf of Nicklaus Children’s Hospital throughout our community and state. They raise awareness for the hospital and its mission by supporting Development Committee efforts to educate and bring together people with an interest in making a lifelong difference in the lives of children by giving of their time, talent, and treasure as our partners in philanthropy.



  • $25,000 entry into group - payable over five years 
  • Diamond Society members at the White Diamond level and above can be approached to join



Two co-chairs, chosen to serve by invitation, lead the Leadership Cabinet.



The Leadership Cabinet offers members the opportunity to get involved through active participation in committees:

  • Development Committee
    • Co-chairs automatically become members
  • Membership Committee
  • Advocacy Committee (supported by NCHS Director of Governmental Affairs)



  • Quarterly meeting
  • Kick-off event – Fall 2018 Top Golf
  • Night with Radio Lollipop
  • Select opportunities to meet informally with Nicklaus Children’s Hospital board members, leaders and physicians
  • Attend exclusive events hosted by Development Committee or other senior leaders
  • Volunteer and special opportunities as an insider of the hospital



  • Bring in two new members per year
  • Support an initiative chosen by the Leadership Council at the end of the year



  • Opportunity to impact the path of Nicklaus Children’s Hospital as a leader in pediatric health 
  • Diamond Society membership and exclusive concierge thank you benefits
  • Making a difference in our community and world by giving and serving
  • Deep satisfaction of helping to give children the healthy futures they deserve
  • Interacting with like-minded community supporters in furthering the health of our children

For more information about the Leadership Cabinet, please contact Morgan Waisner at 786.624.2823 or morgan.waisner@nicklaushealth.org.