Guilds Resources

Nicklaus Children's Hospital Foundation VALUES THE SUPPORT OF OUR GUILDS AND COMMITS TO:

  • Guiding the guild through the registration process of joining or starting a guild. 
  • Being available to answer questions.
  • Providing educational opportunities through special presentations with guest speakers
  • Providing assistance with events (i.e. providing tablecloths, banners, etc.).
  • Providing guidance for outreach.
  • Providing each guild member with a guild orientation. 
  • Providing event ideas.
  • Communicating opportunities through our newsletter “Foundation Focus” to raise awareness of their guild.
  • Assisting in coordinating event speakers.
  • Promoting guild events in our calendar of community events.
  • Assisting  in developing goals for the guild to help increase revenue.
  • Assisting in preparing the guild’s budget.
  • Support in creating your own fundraising page.
  • Providing each guild with a custom page on