Florida Blue Foundation Awards $300,000 in Health Care Grant to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Foundation

Florida Blue Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the state’s leading health insurance company, has granted Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Foundation $300,000 over a three-year period to fund Baby Steps, a telehealth nursing intervention program to improve the transition to home care for pediatric patients.

Florida Blue Foundation announced more than $9 million in grants to 31 nonprofits statewide. Programs receiving grants demonstrate innovation in the health care system, address consumer health, focus on the quality of patient care or address issues of opioid and substance abuse.

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital is collaborating with the University of Miami on the telehealth nursing intervention program, which is expected to be available to consumers in June of 2020. The initiative will make telehealth nursing services available to underserved families/caregivers through training of registered nurses in the use of this efficient mode of care delivery.

“The transition from hospital to home is a period of increased risk for vulnerable children and their families, which can lead to emergency department visits and re-hospitalization,” explained Michelle Boggs, President of Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Foundation. “Telehealth access to nurses can provide families and caregivers with the day-to-day support they need for a successful transition to home.”

“We are increasingly encouraged by the number of nonprofits that are reaching individuals and families across the state even in some of the most rural areas,” said Florida Blue Foundation Vice President Susan Towler. “A trend we see is an increase in meeting people where they are and providing needed health care services to those who may otherwise not receive them because of a lack of transportation and other issues facing our most vulnerable. These programs will ensure that thousands of citizens will be served.”