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EKG Screening

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital held the first ever EKG reunion, an event open to the community which
aimed to raise awareness about the importance of having young athletes undergo this simple, yet
important test. The event brought together patients who were discovered to have had heart
conditions after undergoing an EKG test, potentially saving their lives. Members of the community
were also encouraged to attend and have their kids screened for free.

One of the patients who was diagnosed with a heart condition took the stage at the event to share
his story. Andrew, a previous Patient of the Month, described his experience when he took a simple
EKG screening at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, which revealed he had a rare, fatal heart condition
known as Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome. After a successful surgery and recovery, Andrew was
back on his feet playing his favorite sports and enjoying life to the fullest. Click here to watch
Andrew's story.

Many other supporters of the free EKG screenings were also at the reunion, including the
Breanna Vergara Foundation, created by the family of Breanna Vergara, who passed away at
the age of 14 from Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD) caused by Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome.
The foundation’s goal is to create awareness on the importance of pediatric health, and it
has worked closely with MCH Foundation and Nicklaus Children’s Hospital to host free EKG 
screenings at locations across Miami-Dade. In addition, point guard for the Phoenix Suns,
Brandon Knight made a special guest appearance, and also spoke to the crowd of kids and teens
on the importance of EKG screenings, particularly for athletes, to detect potentially deadly heart
conditions. It was the NBA player’s first time visiting the hospital and the Advanced Pediatric
Care Pavilion, where he was given a tour of the state of the art technology. 

For more information about free EKG screenings, click here.





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