The Nicklaus Children’s Brain Institute

The brain of a child is unique. It is not simply a smaller version of the adult brain. Nicklaus Children’s Brain Institute is dedicated exclusively to the care of the developing brain. It is the largest and most comprehensive medical program dedicated to pediatric neurosciences in world and it ranks in the top ten in the nation. The institute has developed a tradition of innovation that has led to international accolades and many world firsts. Many of the institute’s successes have been in children that have not been able to be helped elsewhere. Children worldwide are facing brighter futures thanks to the Brain Institute’s commitment to advancing the frontiers of scientific research and innovative treatments. The Brain Institute continues to lead the way in developing treatments, innovating new techniques, technologies, therapies and diagnostic tests to improve the odds for the tiniest patients to children up to age 21 who suffer from brain tumors, epilepsy, brain injuries, autism and numerous other neurological conditions. 

At the Brain Institute, innovation is a way of life and its mission is to
save young lives and bring new hope to children everywhere.