Apryl's Story 

Apryl has endured more in her short six years of life than any child should ever have to experience. In January 2010, Apryl’s mother Barbie began to notice she was losing weight and become ill often. She took her daughter to the pediatrician and later to a local emergency room several times. After weeks passed and no answers, Barbie decided there was only one place she could turn to for help – Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. 

Barbie, who does not have a car, took two buses and a train to get her daughter to Nicklaus Children’s in hopes of finding out what was ailing her little girl. Following an MRI and several other tests, she received terrible news no mother would ever want to receive, “Apryl has cancer.” 

While her heart sunk, Barbie had hope that Nicklaus Children’s Hospital would be able to help her little angel, whose diagnosis was stage-4 Medulloblastoma, a type of brain cancer. Since then, Apryl has had four brain tumors removed, three bone marrow transplants, six weeks of radiation and more than two years of chemotherapy. 

Barbie, who also has a son with Spina Bifida and lost another daughter to sudden infant death syndrome at 4 months old, remains hopeful and is grateful to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital for giving Apryl a chance at life. 

Apryl and her mother are inseparable. Barbie even shaved her head when Apryl lost her hair so they could both be Bald, Brave, Beautiful™ and grow their hair back together. When her hair grew back, Barbie dyed it pink, Apryl’s favorite color. 

Apryl continues to fight for her life and strives to live every day to the fullest, making the most out of what life has to offer. She loves music, playing dress-up and running around outside with other children when she is healthy enough. This is why she is featured in our MCH + Cruciani 2gether Bracelets initiative that was established to support Together For The Children, The Campaign For Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. The bracelets, which feature the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital logo, come in various colors. By obtaining a yellow MCH + Cruciani 2gether Bracelet, Nicklaus Children’s supporters show patients like Apryl that she is not alone in her fight against childhood cancer. 

Apryl = Bald, Brave, Beautiful® 

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