Together For The Children


At Nicklaus Children’s, we’ve spent the last 65 years establishing ourselves as the best in the region and we are very proud of our achievements. But now our goals are more ambitious and more global in reach. 

It is clear that healthcare is in the midst of major transformation and as we embark on the next step in our journey, we not only want to transform with it, we want to be an agent and a leader in that change. We see this new environment as a compelling and unique opportunity to come together and chart a course for the future – to reimagine and reshape healthcare to support children and families not just during illness but throughout the continuum of health and wellness, wherever they are and whenever they need us. We represent their hope and their future. 

Join us in Together For The Children, Campaign for Miami Children’s. Together, we will contribute to shaping the 21st Century – and beyond. I am inviting you to be part of this historic journey. This is our moment. This is our opportunity. This is our commitment to our children.  

Narendra Kini, MD
President & CEO, Miami Children's Health System


About the Campaign 

Together For The Children, The Campaign for Miami Children’s, has unleashed the Together Movement. 

Our $150 million campaign is an ambitious endeavor with seven important priorities: build a new Emergency Department and Advanced Pediatric Care Pavilion; expand Pediatric Outreach; enhance our Centers of Excellence (Brain, Cancer, Heart); and shape the future through Telehealth-Global Medicine, Research-Molecular Medicine and Programmatic Support to forge a bold path towards tomorrow. 

At Nicklaus Children’s, we are here to advance pediatric medicine and to share that knowledge and expertise with the world. We are here to develop treatments and cures that defy the odds and provide hope. We are here to tackle disease before it occurs, to heal sick children, to provide advanced care and support children and their families during illness. Hope is what we bring. Hope for a better outcome, health and for a better quality of life. 

We are transforming the way healthcare is accessed, delivered and experienced in ways we never thought possible. As Miami Children’s Health System, we reach beyond our borders to care for those in our community and around the world. We are reimagining healthcare and with your help, imagination will become reality.   

This is the campaign for Miami Children’s. Be a part of the Together Movement. Let’s build a better future for all children by supporting the needs of the campaign.