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Where do you go when you need money? To your piggy bank, of course!

The health and well-being of our children must be the top priority for us all. Miami Children's Health Foundation is here so all children, regardless of means, can have access to the world-class pediatric care they deserve. The Piggy Bank Endowment Fund assists qualified patients by providing basic needs coverage to support a child’s care at Miami Children’s Hospital.

You can be a "Life Saver" by donating to our Piggy Bank Endowment Fund. Your contributions make a world of difference by helping Miami Children’s Hospital treat children from throughout the globe.

Become a "Life Saver" right now by and help Miami Children’s Health Foundation ensure the health and happiness of children everywhere.

Click Piggy Bank to become a “Life Saver”

“Life Savings” is the work of Ed King to whom the Foundation is forever grateful for his talent and partnership.